The Business of Science Survey Report - 2021

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The Business of Science Conference 2022

Celebrating the Commercialisation of Science

Learn About Great Science. Connect with Great People. Develop Great Business.

The Business of Science Conference 2022 will be held at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh on Wednesday 15th June 2022.

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The Business of Science Leadership Award

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2021 Business of Science Survey

The Business of Science Survey Report 2021

As the discussion and debate around the conference key theme of “the commercialisation of science” has developed, several key questions and topics have emerged. This survey, undertaken at the 2021 BoSC held in Birmingham, again explored those areas, providing further informed understanding of key themes for future examination and allow comparison between the survey answers received from the four English Cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham.

    About The Business of Science Conference

    Science and the commercialisation of science continue to be fundamental to the economic growth of the UK and its economy. Following previous successful years in Manchester (2016 & 2017), Liverpool (2018), Leeds (2019) and Birmingham (2021), the Business of Science conference will be moving to Edinburgh in 2022 to highlight that City and Scotland’s wider and successful role in the development of ground-breaking science, innovation and invention.

    Scotland has a long-held reputation for producing excellent science, encouraging innovative thinking and building international collaborative partnerships. Its research base helps drive the economy and attracts students, researchers and academics from around the world, enriching its society.

    In January 2019, the Scottish Science Advisory Council published a report entitled “Scotland’s Science Landscape”; Scotland's Science Landscape Short Report.pdf ( highlighting that Scotland’s researchers are highly productive, highly mobile, develop high quality research and collaborate globally.

    With increasing investment into STEM and the drive to increase relevant skills, as reflected in UK Government’s plans to increase R&D spend, this is a perfect time to welcome the conference to Scotland where the relationships between Science, Innovation, Business and Skills will again be discussed.

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    University of Salford


    15th June 2022

    8 am - 6 pm


    Dynamic Earth

    Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh
    EH8 8AS


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    • Commercialisation of Science

      The Commercialisation of Science is the key overriding theme of the Conference. For many years, the UK has been challenged about developing great science, but not then driving commercial exploitation of new innovations and inventions. From the first conference in Manchester in 2016, Business of Science has sought to encourage debate, discussion, and the demonstration of great examples of where science has been developed for commercial and societal benefit to deliver economic impact across the UK. From the development of Advanced Materials to the use of new technologies such as AI and VR to improve the results of pioneering surgery, and through the associated Leadership Awards, pre-conference Dinner, Thought Leadership events and the popular Innovation Awards, the Business of Science Conference continues to be at the forefront of the UK’s drive to deliver on the “Commercialisation of Science”.

    • Science

      Science underpins life

      Science underpins life and so much of what we do, how we do it, where we do it and why? This Business of Science conference will continue to explore some of these areas with a combination of presentations, panel discussions, breakout, and interactive sessions. These will provide the opportunity to learn from others, connect with both people and businesses and offer the opportunity to develop great businesses.

    • Innovation

      Great Ideas Come from Everywhere

      Great ideas come from many different backgrounds, theories and discussions. What they all have in common is the drive of the individual or group involved to make them successful for reasons of scientific breakthrough, a development of a previous innovation or something completely novel. The commercial success of these ideas can either encourage or discourage the idea to be taken forward. The Business of Science conference highlights examples of success and explores how this can be supported with real-life examples of achievement.

    • Skills

      Drive to encourage STEM

      The drive to encourage the ongoing development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills is never-ending. What is certain is that these subjects can lead to great work opportunities, great jobs, economic development and are essential to underpin great science, great innovation and commercial success.

      The Business of Science conference will again discuss the various routes to gain and develop these skills through academic, technical and leadership development, as well as holding a dedicated careers session for students.

    Speakers & Agenda

    We are thrilled to welcome some of the biggest names in science and business across the UK to this years Business of Science Conference

    • Dr Jaclyn Bell
      There has been a really strong focus on climate change and sustainability at this year's conference. It's excellent that we’re recognising the issues that face us as businesses in science and trying to do something about it with the power that we have as a community.
      Dr Jaclyn Bell
      Imperial College London
    • Dr Leigh Hoath
      The education strand that runs throughout the conference and specifically the STEM careers session for schools enables children to get another perspective of what it means to work in Science. That it's not all white lab coats and sitting at a bench doing chemistry lab work  - you can work in Finance in the Chemical industry or train to be an Astronaut.
      Dr Leigh Hoath,
      Senior Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University

    Celebrating five editions of The Business of Science

    Through the consistent theme of the “Commercialisation of Science”, the Business of Science Conference has developed from a single event exploring the relationship between Science, Innovation, Skills and economic or societal growth to a series of events which have developed an engaged, fully-networked community who support each other to maximise the benefits that can be delivered from and into their chosen sectors


    Returning to Manchester and SIM, conference attendees heard from 30+ speakers and contributors covering commercial scale-up, the relationship between Universities & Industry and developing Great Science facilities, as well as panel discussions covering Innovation in Engineering and the Academic, Technical, and Leadership Development of Skills

    Look back at 2017


    Highlighting the science and innovation of Liverpool City region and the Knowledge Quarter, circa 200 attendees heard from 35 speakers covering Science and productivity, research and development, legislation, the business of innovation and breakout sessions including science made smarter, formulation and the science of health. A career session for 40+ 16-18-year-old students also provided an opportunity for them to attend and fully engage with the day.

    Look back at 2018

    BoSC19: LEEDS

    In a conscious move to further widen the scope and audience of the conference, the 2019 event was held in Leeds to celebrate the Science, Innovation and strengths of the wider Yorkshire and Humber region. In addition to celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing, the conference explored STEM, Diversity and Education, the commercialisation of 2D materials, Water as a precious resource, Sustainability and Society and the business and science of Formula 1®

    Look back at 2019


    After the postponements of 2020 due to Covid-19, the delayed 2021 Conference was held at Millennium Point, Birmingham. The West Midlands, an historically strong region for Science, Innovation and Manufacturing enabled the Conference to explore important topics of Sustainability, The Science of Wellbeing, Increasing Diversity in STEM, The importance of creativity in Innovation and Industry 5.0 – the future of robotics and automation.

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